It all starts
with the roster.

We do what rostering software can’t do alone – and that’s finding the balance between the needs of people and business.

We understand what makes shiftwork organisations thrive.


Happy, healthy people

Our roster strategies result in happier, safer people who stay in their roles longer.

Streamlined operations

We give you confidence that your workforce operations will improve your bottom line.


Future-focused strategies

From disruptors to new technologies, we ensure your roster strategy evolves to meet market demands.

Our mission is to solve complex workforce challenges by creating informed, innovative, and actionable strategies that give business leaders the confidence to act.

Partners who have trusted us with their workforce



Workforce Analysis

Discover the gaps

Gain a stronger understanding of your business and how well your workload and workforce align.


Roster Design

Find the balance

Identify the best options to improve your efficiencies, save costs and enrich your workplace.


Workplace Flexibility

Meet evolving demands

Understand how the market is moving and the ways you can provide increased flexibility and work/life balance.


Employee Experience

enhance team wellbeing

Solve complex workforce challenges that balance the needs of people and businesses.


Pay & Safety Compliance

manage your risk

Determine the correct pay, benefits and safety compliance for even the most complex workforce arrangements.


Future Planning

embrace emerging trends

Keep up with market influences and health and safety research to future-proof your operations.

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Good for people.
Good for business.

We believe by getting your roster right, you can find the balance between what’s good for people, for business and your future — all at the same time.

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5 key elements when designing a roster

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