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Real world solutions

Achieve a balance between employee and company needs with our innovative approach to workforce arrangements and roster design.

Giving our partners the confidence to act

Across shiftwork industries, we build trusting relationships from front-line workers through to the C-suite.

Our strategy

Like a conductor with an orchestra, effective roster design requires harmony across multiple elements.

Creating dynamic solutions for shiftwork rostering


Workforce Analysis

Discover the gaps

Gain a stronger understanding of your business and how well your workload and workforce align.

  • Complex data, business & financial analysis
  • Operational assessment, gap identification, competitive analysis
  • Key stakeholder interviews

Roster Design

Find the balance

Identify the best options to improve your efficiencies, save costs and enrich your workplace.

  • Roster design and innovation
  • Workforce planning
  • Workforce optimisation
    (full-time, part-time, casuals, contractors)
  • Roster implementation

Workplace Flexibility

Meet evolving demands

Understand how the market is moving and the ways you can provide increased flexibility and work/life balance.

  • Innovative work arrangements
  • Hybrid and remote options
  • Individual flexibility
  • Team cohesiveness

Employee Experience

enhance team wellbeing

Solve complex workforce challenges that balance the needs of people and businesses.

  • Logistics and support
  • Change management
  • Employee engagement
  • Team workshops

Pay & Safety Compliance

manage your risk

Ensure the correct pay, benefits and safety compliance for even the most complex workforce arrangements.

  • Employee agreement conditions
  • Pay and benefit calculations
  • Agreement and award compliance
  • Health and safety assessments
  • Fatigue management policies

Future Planning

embrace emerging trends

Keep up with market influences and health and safety research to future-proof your operations.

  • Strategic workforce planning & technology
  • Disruptors and market influences
  • Changing workforce preferences

Industries we serve

Government Mining & Resources Transportation & Logistics Healthcare Manufacturing Emergency Services Utilities Energy Retail Refineries
Orkest Shape

Including everyone in
the conversation

We work with managers, leaders and staff across all levels of an organisation to optimise their workforce and future-proof their operations.

Identifying a significant fatigue management risk.

A review of standard rostering practices for an essential service showed a prevalence of staff working 7 consecutive night shifts with only a single day to recover before returning to work.

This exposed both the organization and the workforce to high risk of a fatigue-related incident occurring.   

They bring a wealth of experience to the table, which is invaluable in dealing with complex workforce challenges.

Jay Reso, Former Manager People Systems – Roy Hill

The overall professionalism and honesty with which Jim works combined with an easygoing approachable nature gave confidence in the service provided.

Clinton Groat,  Superintendent – NPIOS Transport (Lihir Operations)

Orkest always presents several options, outlining the benefits and downfalls of each. This makes it simple to choose the recommendation that best suits the business goal.

Adrianna Quinn, Principal Business Improvement – Newcrest