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Our big why

Today’s organisations are struggling to meet the needs of their people and their business. That’s where we come in.

Finding the right balance

We help teams ranging from 10 to 10,000 to find common goals between their people and their business.

What happens when more than 30% of your workforce is unavailable?

An enterprise with 15,000 employees was struggling with high turnover, secondments and WorkCover – including nearly 700 of their employees on leave for mental health reasons.

Addressing the real and urgent needs of the workforce, we created a balanced roster that addressed employee well-being while still improving the bottom line.

Data that gives you the confidence to act.

We transform complex data into real solutions for the whole of your business:

Innovative rosters

Flexible work models

Employee engagement

Resource optimisation

Wages and award compliance

Fatigue, health & safety

77% would not work in a job without flexibility

12.5% of job leavers quote “poor work arrangements, hours or pay”

81% of Australian employees are experiencing stress and burnout

70% of roles are frontline & not suited for remote work – but want flexibility

38% of the workforce now work 40+ hours per week

60% of QLD business expect negative impacts from flexible work arrangements

Our approach

Effective rosters are designed by considering five key elements that balance the needs of people and business.

“We’re here to help shiftwork organisations navigate modern economic pressures and enhance the wellbeing of their people.”

Founder, Jim Seawright

With 22 years of advisory experience across Australia and the Asia Pacific, Jim founded Orkest to bring harmony to modern businesses.

Orkest Shape

Including everyone in
the conversation

We work with managers, leaders and staff across all levels of an organisation to optimise their workforce and future-proof their operations.